Such an amazing piece…and it touches everyone in a different way. Powerful writing, I love love love it!

Natasha's Chronicles

Natasha Spoken Word Rda
So apparently, there was something about me
“It’s probably in your smile, your hair, or lips,” you said,
Sweeping me off my feet, killing me softly…
First love.
It was the: butterflies when your hand met mine
Love letters that I still look at and smile,
The innocence when you came to say goodnight
It was the: hugs that convinced me I could fly
Cause It WAS you and me against the world…
Then suddenly,
You didn’t know what you felt anymore
You just knew I was NOT who you wanted to show.
I wasn’t the girl with the silky hair, no.
I wasn’t her with the body of a goddess or,
Looks of gold, so naturally,
You let–me go.

But! Thank you!
For leaving behind my sense of prowess,
Strength of heart more than I had EVER known I could harness
The garden in me, blooming into the conscience

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