cropped-iammalaika1.jpgI often sit thinking of my misery and trying to nurse my open wounds, wounds of a painful life that I created.

I look upon my life with so much anguish, thinking about what I would have done different.

And if in death we find escape, then let my peace come at once.

It may be viewed as cowardice but I’d rather be peaceful than scared.

I find it hard to speak of this, but here I am writing my piece.

If I die, I did not commit the one thing God said do not, I merely just gave up the fight.

I am not a murderer yet i still pray for my peace, Lord let me rest in your eternal embrace.

It’s problematic speaking of this and praying to God, to preserve my life, at the same time.

So I may sound confused, but only He knows the pain I go through.

Many say He will not give what you can’t endure, even I do.

But here I am shattering to pieces.

M.B.C x


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