Focus on you…


Hey guys,

So I was supposed to be blogging everyday but have been a little busy, however I have still been writing in my personal journal about how I feel each day.

I have had such a busy weekend, the one just past, had a friends wedding to attend. So there was loads of running around, setting up and putting last minute things in place. It was a very tiring weekend, but an amazing one. I am more than happy to have seen my friend have the day she dreamed of. During this time with keeping busy I found myself not thinking much about my moods as I was in constant work mode.

I traveled back yesterday and boy oh boy the way I was running for trains because I didn’t want to miss church in the evening with the family, which I must admit I was late for because I missed a quick train and really should have just left earlier. To be fair though I was shattered the night before so I think I deserved a lie in. Anyway so I was late but I made it to church and I feel I entered exactly when I needed to. Had a glorious last 40 minutes in church.

Today started off quite well for me as I went to bed really early last night, in relation to my sleep pattern, because I was so tired so managed to wake up and be ready for my day before 8. I was impressed by this I must say, I was ready in an hour! Yay, go me!

Anyhooooo…so back to my day, had my breakfast and went off to do what I needed to do and got the most amazing news today and welcome from my new colleagues, who are totally awesome btw! From the first interview I had they were warm and made me feel really comfortable, which I feel is very important, this in turn allowed me to be comfortable with bringing out my chatty and pleasant personality to the surface. Whoop whoop! So my day today was absolutely bliss and I had no low moments which I am so pleased about.

Anyway so my post is not about my day as such but more about how everything I have been waiting for is just falling into place at the right time. I have been through loads of harsh paths but with so many amazing people by my side and constant prayer and faith, even when i wasn’t motivated, kept me going and I have pulled through. I am making so much progress, mid last week through to today has been good and I have been having really good days. I really think this writing thing is an amazing form of therapy for me. It makes me think and pay more attention to myself unlike other times where I would be busy helping people sort themselves out, which is not a bad thing, but I would forget myself.

I am so tired right now but thought I should share a little something with you guys.

The point I am really trying to get across to you guys, and I hope I have done that in the tired state I am in now, is that no matter what you are going through there is always a solution. You are probably not finding the solution because you are channeling your energies in the wrong places and people. Give sometime to yourself during the day to really focus on you, it makes such a big difference believe me. I spend a lot of time praying and reading to build myself up and this really works for me, but won’t work for everyone else. So find something that works for you and go with that ,you will see so many things going right for you. I will also encourage you, not force you, to pray and find a good bible based church.

Have an amazing night tonight and make tomorrow a great day for you, you control your happiness!

I will be posting up some poetry tomorrow, they are going to be some intense pieces and for those who know me personally, you will be shocked that I write such based on my life. Soooo look forward to that!


M.B.C x


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