The ‘HIM’ effect – The birth

quotes-forgiveness-past-paul-boese-480x480One amazing warm night in October, my best friend and I were celebrating our 21st birthdays together (despite our birthdays being almost a month apart). We hadn’t seen each other for over a year so you can imagine how amazing it was for us to be able to celebrate our big 21 together. Most people would imagine having a massive party or some extravagant trip abroad, now I wont say i didn’t think of that but when my friend told me she would be coming to Brighton to see me…OMG! I was ecstatic. The first thing I did, I kid you not, was scream!!!! I bet my housemates at that time thought i was crazy but mehh oh well I didn’t care at all…my best mate was coming and I hadn’t seen her in over a year and we used to see each other practically everyday.

Back to the story.

It was a Friday and I had lectures that day, so she’d have to come after. The night before I started to prepare everything, I went food shopping (this girl eats LOADS! lol) and just made plans for what we would do the whole weekend. With all that planned, just waited for Friday. Friday went to lectures as boring as ever but the time seemed to be going so fricken slow!! The time finally came when she called me and was like “Ceecee, I’m 2 minutes away!!!” I jumped off my bed run down and waited outside my front door, i know I was excited. She came we hugged and everything, not much catching up to do because we speak regularly and fill each other in on everything. Then night time came!!! We started to get ready and stuff, got our outfits on and make up done then headed out, Got to the club and it was AfroBeats and Dancehall night…PERFECT! Went in, straight to the bar we our drinks and advanced to the dance floor. The music to begin with was good, then it just became dead because he started playing the same shit! After sometime dancing and receiving some weird varied attention (not being cocky, but we looked amazing i must say lol.) They came to tell us to move upstairs because downstairs was closing as there weren’t enough people downstairs…I know, very weird!. Anyhoo went up and did our thing, enjoying our night..the music picked up again.

Now there was this one guy that caught my eye, I mean he was good looking after all, and my friend kept telling me he was checking me out and what not. I chose to ignore it and just get on with my night. On the way to get more drinks, at this point I stopping drinking alcoholic drinks and opted for Red Bull. I was walking past and then this guy (yes the same one) turned to me and I smiled, you know being polite and all lol, and then he pulls closer so he could say something. “If you keep teasing me with that ass, I won’t be responsible for my actions.”  Now this should have been offensive and i would normally not entertain such but the way he said it and how he looked at me after didn’t sound savage like, it actually made me chuckle lol. I laughed and said something i can’t quite remember what, which is weird because i remember everything he said from the moment he first spoke to me, and walked to the bar. With my Red Bull in hand Sandy and I made our way back to the dance floor and started dancing and just enjoying the night really. Then…[yank] I found myself dancing in front of him, with my booty on his crotch and him saying “I warned you” lool, anyhoo I kept on dancing…he had good rhythm 😛 and the convo was good (yes convo…despite the blaring music.)

The night came to an end, we walked out and I ended up giving him my number.

And that was the birth on The ‘HIM’ effect…..



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