A date with my emotions

20141011_190526It’s cold and raining,

A calming aroma fills the space.

The fresh icy breeze softly kissing my chestnut skin,

Robe slightly drooping off my shoulders,

Skin exposed.

Slow music whispering in my ears softly,

I lay there, eyes focused on the ceiling,

Meant to be desolate but I see your face.

Now my heart is open, exposing everything I had so carefully locked up.

With every song, a memory plays in my head,

Befuddled emotions all around the room.

One minute a smile brushes my lips,

Next minute a tag on my tear ducts, eyes start to fog,

Tears start to softly caress my cheeks,

Tears feel so hot against my ice cold skin.

Stifling cries, chest so heavy,

Holding in so much, can I let it out?

Will you judge me?

I know you can’t see me but I’m sure you can feel it.

Can I call you? Will you comfort me?

Can you hold me tight and not let go?

Can you assure me that everything will be alright?

Can you give me back what I lost?

Something so precious and innocent,

Warm and full of love,

Never got the chance to shine…

What did I do? What did you do? What did we do?

It was’t supposed to be so, it was all supposed to be different.

Back to the physical, curled up in a foetal position,

Embracing the last shreds of my innocence,

Or maybe trying to relieve the very pure nature I once possessed.

M.B.C x


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