Why I write

jurnalI was inspired to write this after reading a post of one of the bloggers I follow, who is absolutely inspirational may I add. She wrote about why she began to write and why she still writes. The more I read, I began to ask myself the same question, Why do I write? I have been wanting to write this for quite some time now but I couldn’t bring myself to doing it because when I think about why I do write I find myself in a strange place.

So here it goes, let me tell you exactly why I write.

I write to escape, when I write I go to a space where no one knows. I feel at ease there because I don’t have to hide, it’s not so much a physical place but obviously a certain physical setting does aid. Here I am totally open in every way possible, it’s refreshing yet sometimes lonely. I write to release repressed emotions, I’m not so good at talking about my problems or what is going on in my life so I turn to writing. If I am struggling, I tend to turn to writing because it offers me solace, it allows me to clear my mind temporarily to allow for space to find logical solutions to the problems. I write to communicate, because I am not so great at talking about things, writing is the best way of communication for me. I am able to get everything I wish to say out not missing anything, though I must admit it is often misunderstood. I write to express myself, it’s kind of the only authentic representation of my state of mind. I find that my writing is kinda maze like though, you need to read it more than once to fully understand what is going through my mind, that is of course if you are trying to figure me out. Writing is like my chosen method of speech. I also write to heal. My writing is sometimes a conversation between my conscious being and my subconscious.

My writing is a personal written representation of my inner most being.

M.B.C x


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