Smoked Mirrors 3

Soothing silence filled the room,

She lay on top of him,

Her head on his chest,

His hand in the small of her back,

Nothing but  the silk sheet covering half her legs,

Her behind exposed and with the breeze kissing her gently,

Listening to his heart beat as it beats in tune with hers.

Eyes closed thinking back to just a few moments ago,

a smile touches her lips,

He gently kisses the top of her head as if to acknowledge her satisfied expression,

This aroused her insides again,

She calmly got up and moved in closer,

She sat on top of him gently swaying her hips to imaginary music.

Eyes closed she lost her self in the moment,

His hands grab her waist firmly,

Grabbing on her love handles,

Fingers in deep,  he slightly elevates her,

As he gently eases her down,

She lets out the sweetest sound,

and they begin to build rhythm…bodies in sync…




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