Smoked Mirrors 4

Her palms flat on his chest keeping her steady

Head thrown back, eyes closed

Nipples solid as her bust bounces in sync to their body rhythm,

The moon light softly hitting her nipple rings.

Sweet moans fill the air,

As the pace hastens his hands dig deeper,

Their eyes lock and he pushes deeper and deeper,

Deep rooting himself in her core,

Her back arches and she throws her head back.

She gasps,

Her breath taken away momentarily.

Her nails digging into the top of his shoulders,

One hand gripping the small of her back,

The other placed firmly between her shoulder blades,

He pulls her down and pulls her in.

Chest to chest,

His lips skimming hers,

He gently tags at her bottom lip,

She covers his lips with hers,

Just as their tongues touch,

She feels a warms surge inside her,

Her legs shaking,

She falls limply on to him and their hearts beat together…


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