Something like a semi-wingless bird, I have my wings but I’m only learning how to fly now.  My story is like many others but unique in it’s own way. I could say I’m just your average girl but I’m more than average…I’m a queen! It’s what I have started to tell myself and will treat myself like I am one. I may have done or said things in the past that are far from perfect but you know what…I own them, that’s the difference between me and others. I will not hide behind a mask any more to save face because in actuality I am only hurting more. So this is where you see all the masks taken off what I share with you. However please don’t assume that you know me because you have read my stories or you were once part of my life…I put you all on a need to know.

Be blessed

Malaika Biankah Chanda x


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