Smoked Mirrors 4

Her palms flat on his chest keeping her steady Head thrown back, eyes closed Nipples solid as her bust bounces in sync to their body rhythm, The moon light softly hitting her nipple rings. Sweet moans fill the air, As the pace hastens his hands dig deeper, Their eyes lock and he pushes deeper and… Continue reading Smoked Mirrors 4


Smoked Mirrors 3

Soothing silence filled the room, She lay on top of him, Her head on his chest, His hand in the small of her back, Nothing but  the silk sheet covering half her legs, Her behind exposed and with the breeze kissing her gently, Listening to his heart beat as it beats in tune with hers.… Continue reading Smoked Mirrors 3


  We were together and it was serious, I was thinking about changing my last name to yours. We had amazing chemistry and conversation but for some reason we were so different in the way we thought about life... like the serious stuff. You just never really understood my thought process and always twisted what… Continue reading Adjourned

Feet planted in his word…

Hey guys,  This is a very short post, no images and everything.  It just dawned on me that it is a new month, I have been so blessed in the month of August and I am looking forward to the many more blessing that God has in store for me.  This year started out pretty… Continue reading Feet planted in his word…

Blogger Award…YASS

So guys, the other day I was nominated by another amazing blogger and I humbly accept. Mine will be a bit different as you know I don't really follow many people as I have been on and off with my blog...I'm changing that though, aren't I posting more guys? So there will be much less… Continue reading Blogger Award…YASS

You are what??!

I'm celibate, what is the big deal? How did you decide to be celibate? Why did you choose to be celibate? Those are some of the common questions asked. In the beginning it started off as me not being in a relationship then quickly turned to a growth journey for me, I'm talking 2 weeks… Continue reading You are what??!

Relationships to sextuationships…

The past posts have been stories about my personal experiences/relationships...this one is a little different. Instead of just writing about events in my life I'm just going off on a semi rant...or maybe I'm not ranting and just thinking out loud, hmmmmm. I haven't been in a relationship/situationship/sextuationship for almost a year now and funny… Continue reading Relationships to sextuationships…